• Enamel square baking dish 34х22 cm

Enamel square baking dish 34х22 cm

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The enameled tableware are widely used in the kitchen for a long time. They can be steel, cast-iron, iron coated with enamel (glass-ceramic coating)baked at a high temperature. Enamel prevents the base metal to came into contact with the food being prepared, therefore it can not released any dangerous substances and accumulate in the body after consuming. The dishes are prepared in enamels retain taste, color and aromatic qualities. During the heat treatment of products in enamel square baking dish 34х22 cm they does not acquire bad breath or any side taste. Containers are easy to clean and even the use of domestic tel hardly influenced the integrity of the enamel coating.

  • Size: 34 х 22 x h 6 cm
  • Volume: 4.5 lt

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