TERMISIL - Baking roasters 2,4lt

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TERMISIL - Baking roasters 2,4lt

  • Size: 306x255x64

Excellent meat, delicious Italian lasagne, healthy vegetable casserole, or a tiramisu which melts in your mouth - all these delicacies can be prepared in one ovenware dish made of TERMISIL glass. Our products are the perfect solution for fans of one-dish cooking who do not like or can not spend too much time on cooking. 
TERMISIL glassware products are just perfect for anyone who wants to cook tasty and healthy despite having not that much time to spare in the kitchen. They are characterized by remarkable durability: you can safely wash them in the dishwasher or use them to store food in the freezer. Borosilicate glass used in the manufacture of TERMISIL dishes is really safe for our health – it does not cause allergy, so it is a perfect choice for allergy sufferers. Moreover, it does not release any substances harmful to our organism during thermal processing. 
TERMISIL products will be enjoyed both by professionals and amateurs of cooking. Their undeniable advantage is the fact that only one dish suffices you to prepare food, serve it, and then wash the dish in the dishwasher. Finally, you can easily freeze any leftovers.

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